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Our Board

Jackie Turner

Director, she/her

Joe Ball

Board member, he/him

Liz Duck-Chong

Board member, she/her

We deserve to thrive.

No matter who you are, your gender should never be a barrier to being able to build a good life.

Yet trans and gender diverse people are facing unprecedented attacks on our rights, lives and care from anti-trans lobbyists.

We already find it much harder to get a job, secure stable housing, and find community. But these attacks have the potential to turn back the clock, winding back the progress we have won over the last decade.

That’s why we formed the Trans Justice Project, the first trans-led national campaigning organisation.

Our mission is to connect, coordinate, train, and build a powerful movement standing up for justice, freedom, and equality for all trans and gender diverse people.

Together, we are working with trans and gender diverse people, our loved ones, and allies to bring about a future where all trans people are safe, celebrated, and free.

What We Do


We are available for paid consulting arrangements, training delivery, and strategy development.

Reach out to us at info [@] transjustice.org.au with a description of your project and we will find a time to talk.

Media enquiries

Send media inquiries to info [@] transjustice.org.au

More information

We use ‘trans and gender diverse’ as an umbrella term for anyone who does not identify with the gender they were assumed to be at birth.

For more information on trans and gender diverse people check out these resources:

Note that we do not provide information on how to access gender affirming care, referrals, or legal advice.

If you are looking for support or just someone to talk to you can access the following free and confidential services: