Take Action for Trans Justice

#1 Ask your organisation, business, or council to sign onto our Statement of Solidarity with the Trans Community

Ask your organisation to commit to standing with the trans community and against the attacks on our rights, lives, and care. By coming together in a powerful demonstration of solidarity, we can send a clear message that the hatred and lies of the anti-trans lobby have no place in our organisations or in our communities.

Add your name either as an organisation or an individual.


#2 Read our guide: Conversations for Trans Justice

One-to-one conversations are one of our most powerful tools for helping to stop the spread of anti-trans views. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to have powerful and persuasive conversations about trans justice with your friends, family, and the general public.


#3 Chip-in to fund Disinfo-Watch

Disinfo Watch is our new, cutting-edge campaign to expose the lies, undermine the influence, and challenge the social licence of the anti-trans lobby. The campaign will collate data on the lies of the anti-trans lobby, train civil society how to respond to anti-trans disinformation, and run hard-hitting campaigns to end the platforming of disinformation by the mainstream media.


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