Sign our Statement of Solidarity with the Trans Community

Trans people deserve the freedom to be ourselves, to feel safe in our communities, and to be able to build a good life, free from hatred, violence and discrimination.

Right now our community is under attack. Both in Australia and globally, anti-trans lobbyists are working to attack our rights, safety, and access to healthcare.

In Australia, we are already seeing anti-trans disinformation platformed by mainstream media [1], a rapid escalation in anti-trans hate crimes [2], and a number of new organisations forming with the express purpose of attacking the rights and freedoms of our community.

That’s why we are calling on organisations and individuals to sign onto our solidarity statement and commit to standing with us against the attacks on our rights, lives, and care.

By coming together in a powerful demonstration of solidarity, we can send a clear message that the hatred and lies of the anti-trans lobby have no place in our organisations or in our communities.

Add your name, either as an individual or on behalf of an organisation, to state your solidarity with the trans community.


A Statement of Solidarity with the Trans Community

We, the undersigned, pledge to:

Support the freedom of trans and gender diverse people to be themselves, to have bodily autonomy, and to be safe in their communities. We oppose any move that would threaten the rights, freedom, or safety of the trans community.

We recognize, in the examples we have seen from the campaigns in the US and the UK, that the anti-equality lobby poses a fundamental threat, not just to the human rights of trans and gender diverse people, but to our democracy, and to the rights and freedom of all people.

We commit to holding our leaders accountable for anti-trans rhetoric, standing up to the politics of hate and division, and to defend the right of trans and gender diverse people to live free from hatred, violence, harassment, and discrimination.

We pledge our support for policies which seek to promote affordable and accessible gender-affirming care for everyone who needs it. We oppose any move that would seek to block or restrict trans people’s access to this vital health care, or any move that would threaten the bodily autonomy or self-determination of trans people seeking access to care.

We commit to ensuring our workplaces and/or services are informed and inclusive. We will stand by our trans and gender diverse workers and clients in the face of anti-trans targeting and attacks, including rhetoric that seeks to dehumanise trans and gender diverse people in our organisations and communities.

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