Tell RANZCP: Anti-trans lobbyists don’t belong at a health conference.

Trans people have fought for decades for the right to make decisions about our own healthcare, and to be respected as experts on our own lives and experiences. But now those rights are under attack.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists [RANZCP] have included a session by Roberto D’Angelo as part of their national conference this year. D’Angelo is the President of the anti-trans lobby group Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM).

SEGM is an organisation that has published material critical of accepted practices of gender-affirming care (1-2), has supported theories about trans people that are not recognised by any major Australian medical organisation (3-7), does not have collaborative relationships with any major LGBTSBQIA+ representative body in Australia, and has been critical of protecting trans people under bans on conversion practices (8).

The inclusion of an anti-trans lobby group like SEGM in the conference agenda raises serious questions about the integrity of RANZCP. It also goes against their previous position statements (9) and RANZCP’s commitment to providing compassionate, inclusive, and evidence-based care to all individuals.

Medical professionals should be working collaboratively with the trans community. However, despite a number of organisations and experts raising concerns at SEGMs involvement RANZCP have refused to remove the session (10-12).

In the US and UK we have seen how damaging the infiltration of legitimate health care spaces by anti-trans lobby groups has been for our community and we cannot allow this to happen here (13). That’s why we are drawing a line in the sand.

Anti-trans lobby groups have no place at the RANZCP Congress. Sign our petition to call on RANZCP to reject the SEGM speakers and remove their session from the agenda.

Together we can defend trans health care in Australia and ensure that everyone has the freedom to be themselves.

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