Become a Solidarity Member

Solidarity members are people who support our work to continue through making a monthly donation. Monthly donations help us to plan ahead, be financially independent, and stay effective.

Right now we are trying to recruit 100 Solidarity Members before the end of the year! This will help to fund our work going into what is likely to be a politically challenging period for our community.

Solidarity memberships are also a way for allies to support this work financially.

Our community has faced generations of discrimination, criminalisation, and marginalisation. Despite the massive advances in legal protections and law reform we still experience homelessness and unemployment at three times the national average.

This economic inequality is further compounded if you also happen to be a person of colour, have a disability, or are First Nations.

Signing up to be a solidarity member is doing a small but significant part to redistribute wealth, and help fund a movement fighting for freedom, justice, and equality for all trans and gender diverse people.

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